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Thread: Flash 5 CueCat Decoder (free barcode scanner)

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    Hey all...
    The other day I stopped in Radio Shack (You've got questions, we've got blank stares) and picked up one of those free CueCat decoders because I heard they could be hacked into real actual barcode readers. After reading the cryptanalysis of the CueCat device last night I screwed around in Flash a bit and wa-la... FlashFeline! It will take a scan from the CueCat, decode it, give you your devices serial#, the type of the barcode and the actual barcode itself. Also, if its a valid product UPC(type A) barcode it will set up a link to get info on that product. Finally, it will check if the barcode is an valid ISBN (book barcode) and if it is it will give you a link to info about the book. Kinda fun... :-)


    Go out there and find all of the CueCat hacks... thats where I got all the info I needed to do this...
    Oh, and for those who are into lookup tables and crazy bitwise operations:


    (Yes, I know it is not the most efficient code, but it works, and is pretty generic, so that once I get around to it, I can use it on my own barcodes... for my CDs... tapes... the cat even...hmmm ;-) )

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    Thanks for you nice sharing. But I wonder whether there are any differences between the upc-a barcode reader I am tetsing and the one you mentioned above. Any suggetsion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    ok thanks even

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