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Thread: How can I print a specific frame only.

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    I have an animation with multiple frames. I would like them all to be printable, but only ONE frame at a time. (not designate a frame to be printable, that is easily done with #p)

    I have created a button that when clicked should only print that specific frame. Then the user can advance to the next page (using a navigation button that advances the user to the next frame), now if the user decides he wants to print that frame also he just needs to click on the print button and only that specific frame he is viewing will print.

    I have figured out how to make a frame printable by using #p in the label field, BUT this will print all the frames I have labeld #p when I invoke the print button in the animation. I only want the active frame to be printed. Is this possible?

    I also used the tutorial on customizing a print button using the "onrelaese-geturl-print:" but this also will print all the frames. I can only select which page to print from the printer dialog box, and this requires the user to select this, which is redundant becAUSE he pressed "print THIS page" button.

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks alot!

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    I can see your problem....
    ---> You can print individual MovieClips....
    Maybe you could change everyframe into a MC and then target those instead of frames to print... I don't know how long your animation is so don't know how feasible that is... maybe only every fourth frame is printable..?

    there is a good tutorial on printing from flash at
    written by Joen Asmussen

    Kind off basic but very clear.. sounds like you are already up to speed though....

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    Thanks wainui, Ill give it a try.

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