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Thread: Help! Need a solution

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    Hi all,

    I have a problem where i am asked to create a flip book with pages and the ability to zoomin and zoomout. I tried writing a script where on (release) the values of _xscale and _yscale would change but the problem i am getting is that once you flip to another page (frames), it doesn't not inherit the last action applied to it so it goes back to it's default size.

    does anyone know how i can create something like this on a global scale so no matter what frame you are on, it'll look for these values and stay there until otherwise?

    be kind and reply

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    since your effect is just zooming, I guess _xscale and _yscale are equal...

    so save their values to a global variable:

    keep track of them in _root.scale. and give your flipbook's _xscale and _yscale the value of your _root.scale variable whan the flipbook appears

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    Hey Krappa,

    how would i go about setting up my _xscale & _yscale on a global variable (i'm slowly getting through that in my book)? sorry i'm a bit slow since actionscript is still fairly new to me.

    would it be like max1 = _xscale ==90;
    _yscale ==90;
    max2 = _xscale ==100;
    _yscale ==100;


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