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Thread: CD / DVD / MAC / Projector Questions

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    I am making a CD presentation with projector files that include loading large (20meg) swf files with embedded video...

    1. while waiting for the external swf file to load- does the whole movie (root) cease until the external file is loaded.. can I have some clip blinking "loading" or something like that.. all of my tests have suggested all clips on the timeline stop until that ext clip has loaded.. is this correct.. no way around the "static" appearence?

    2. Using Apple DVD Creator Pro.. can my flash projector / presentation with all it's external assets (text, xml and ext swf's) be integrated..

    3. If so, does the DVD menu, button or whatever open the projector file?

    4. How does Director differ from the previous?

    5. Is the only answer to the non-streaming projector (caching of ext swf's etc in ram) using Director? Does this mean all scripting in flash has to be re-coded using lingo?

    Please any help would be appreciated.


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    3. Do you mean Apple's DVD Studio Pro(DVDSP)?

    If you save any movie assets to .mov's and encode them to mpeg-2(.m2v) then they can be imported into DVDSP. You can import layered photoshop files too.

    Thats about as much intergration as you're going to get. DVD making isn't too much like flash and the scripting will need to be done in DVDSP. Simple button states in flash can be done similar in DVDSP but you cant have a movie clip or animation as a button state. Motion menus are just assets prepared in a NLE like final cut pro or comp package like after effects and set to loop.


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