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Thread: Does anybody know?

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    Hello everybody.
    Does anybody know how flashers and webdesigners find their clients and how much do they take for their work?
    Thanks to everybody.

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    Why you want to know you stalker!
    I second that question....

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    this would be a good question for the Boardroom but since i can't move threads ill just answere here.

    EVERYTHING i have done has been through word of mouth. It is the strongest form of advertisement there is, more than tv comercials or pop-up adds(cuz i hate them). The way i go about doing it is i mention to my friends and other people that i meet that i do web design. now, most of the time, they don't want a site, and I don't expect to make a site for them. But when someone tells them that they are looking for someone to make a site for them, they will think of me and refer them to me. Also, former clients, if they are satisfied with your work, will look to you for updates and new versions and might tell their affiliates about your skills. If you get a job from say, a recording studio, you make their site, and then the bands that go there to record could be told to go to the recording studio's site and they could see that it was a great job so they hire you.

    Once again, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. So if you get your name out in your local area, you should do fine.

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