Hi there, friends!

From time to time (quite often, actually) someone will wander in to the Boardroom to ask a question that is technical in nature, and could be answered more efficiently in an appropriate forum. Many times this is because they are new to Flashkit and haven't learned the ropes, but sometimes it is only because they think the professionals in this forum will be able to answer them quicker.

While it is great to have professionals (both established and budding ) here in the Boardroom that are able and willing to answer questions, it causes a few problems in return...

1) those asking questions will continue to come back and ask more questions
2) the threads that are relevant to boardroom issues become lost in the sea of "help" questions.
3) people in the help forums that could benefit from the answers will not be able to see/help
4) people who get tired of seeing Help threads in the Boardroom may get frustrated and leave (see items 1-3), taking away from the awesome community here in this forum.

What can you do? Glad you asked! For the most part, the moderators in this forum are constantly moving help threads to their proper forums to make this a better place for you. If you see a technical question and can't refrain from posting please don't answer the help question... simply explain to them where they can get a better answer (i.e. one of the great Help forums here at Flashkit). If you see a technical thread hanging around for a while that isn't moved by a mod, send us an email and we can take care of it.

If you have any questions, email me and I'll do my best to answer!

Thanks for providing so much to this great community!