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Thread: Product Announcements

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    Product Announcements

    This thread is for Product announcements only. Please no questions. Thanks, Bill
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    Macromedians 1:1

    In the beginning the web was without shape and color, and the hype covered the darkness of the net. Then there was a Flash and life came to the web and vision became reality.

    Footer... We dont need no Stinking Footers!!!!

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    Hi, I had already posted an announcement before this sticky thread was created. The Link follows:


    Thanks. Enjoy

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    Flash Studio has been updated to Version 1.6

    Additions Include:

    Minor bug fixes
    New FSCommands:
    Take snapshot (BMP)
    BMP to JPG Conversion
    Check Database Connection
    Upload FTP File!
    Create FTP Folder
    Enable/Disbale FTP Passive mode
    List and Search for files on your Local Drive
    Get File Date
    Get File Size
    List Folders

    ...and MORE!

    Check out MDM Forums at www.mdmforum.com and download your FREE copy from www.multidmedia.com


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    Kumani has been released.

    What is Kumani?
    Kumani has been designed from the ground up to run Flash on kiosk machines.

    What does Kumani do that Flash doesnt?
    First Kumani locks the machine so the users cannot exit your Flash movie. Secondly Kumani provides you with system commands to control the system, things such as rebooting the machine, monitoring the memory load, and many more..

    You can get Kumani at http://www.aritali.com/products/kumani

    If you have any questions or comments about Kumani direct them to http://aritali.com/support/forums
    lesley paone

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    +++ FLASH STUDIO PRO 1.7 +++ Best Update Yet!

    We'd like to thank everyone for their continuing support and feedback and we're very happy to announce the release of Flash Studio PRO 1.7 - our most ambitious update yet!

    Over 40 new FSCommands added including:

    HTTP Remote Projector Control - control your Projector from the browser, palm top, even your mobile phone!
    MySQL Database Connectivity
    Projector to Projector File Transfers
    Get Delimited Data from Access Database
    Get Delimited System Files/Folders
    Enable Windows XP style Menus
    Append Data to Files
    Detect on what OS your projectors are running
    Create and Define Custom Drag Areas
    Create Custom Right Click Menus
    Built in FSCommand Debugger
    Set the Tile of your Projector during Runtime
    Change/Get current directory during Runtime
    Get the free space in a drive during Runtime
    Insert menu dividers in all menus
    Open and close the CD tray
    Find if a File/Folder exists
    Make Advanced Prompt Dialogs
    Protect your work by making Time limited Projectors
    Convert BMP to transparent PNG File
    Get OS Version
    Create autorun.inf files
    Re-written Help Files
    ...and more!

    Also, we've released our new look website which is a taster of things to come! Thank you all once again!

    Download your copy from www.multidmedia.com


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    SWF Studio Public Beta

    SWF Studio 2.0 is now available as a public beta from www.northcode.com/beta/v2/index.html. Be sure to check out the release notes to find out what's new. Here's a preview of what you can expect...

    OCX version control allows you to choose which version of the Flash plugin you want distributed with your projector/screensaver without clobbering the version that your user has installed.

    Built-in install technology means you can package all your files in a single EXE and install them on the users machine. Complete with desktop or start menu shortcuts and an uninstaller.

    You can use loadMovie, loadVariables etc. just like you do in regular Flash projectors. No more special fixes required to load external files (SWF, TXT, XML, ...) into your projector.

    You get full control over the system tray icon. Change the tooltip, animate the system tray icon and make balloon tips appear!

    Passwword protect your projectors and set up trial periods to protect your work from unauthorized use.

    The HTTP plugin allows you to perform HTTP and HTTPS operations with control over the data transfer buffer size (for progress reporting), the actual HTTP/S header fields, use proxy servers, supply basic authentication information, download text or binary files, work with non standard port numbers, impersonate any user agent/browser, work the CGI results in ANY format, and MORE!

    The CATALOG plugin provides a lightweight search engine for data lookup and retrieval. Search a 50,000 record database and pull back the results in a second or less! Works with simple CSV files so there are no special drivers required and nothing to install.

    We've also made a number of usability changes, fixed some outstanding bugs, and we're not done yet. The huge list of changes in the release notes at www.northcode.com/beta/v2/relnotes.html are only what we're ready to show you today. There will be much more to see as the beta trial progresses. Check back often for updates.

    If you buy SWF Studio v1 today, you will get it for $99US and you will be automatically upgraded to v2 at the end of the beta. If you already own v1 and you pre-purchase your upgrade, you will get it for $34.90US. Once the beta period is over, everything goes back to regular pricing ($139 for v2 and $49 for the upgrade). Buy now and you'll save almost 29%!

    SWF Studio Beta www.northcode.com/beta/v2/index.html
    Order Page www.northcode.com/onlinestore/store.html

    Tim Goss
    Northcode Inc.

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    SWFKit 1.05 released!

    SWFKit 1.05 released!

    Extending Flash out of WEB!
    Developing full windows applications with flash!

    SWFKit show you a brand-new Software Developing Solution.
    1. Dazzling GUI for your application.
    • By using Macromedia Flash as your GUI, you can create coolest application!
    • Make it in whatever shape you want. With a tool in SWFKit, you can define your software in any shape, even leave some region transparent.

    2 Easy Script Language -- FFish Script
    • For those who have experience in ActionScript or JavaScript, you can grasp our FFish Script in two minutes. And FFish Script can even do more than Actionscript and Javascript.
    • For those who know nothing about program language, FFish Script is still easy to you. You may spend two hours to learn FFish script and start develop windows applications!

    3.Create Powerful Application
    • SWFKit give power to your application to access kinds of database,to realtime communication by Socket, to send and receive email, to read and write file, to access system registry, to play & record multimedia , to embed an ActiveX control,etc.
    • SWFKit also help your application make installer , generate serial number, create autorun CD ,and create screensaver out of flash,etc.

    Here is the review about SWFKit from flashmagazine.com:
    "SWFKit 1.0 and the feature list looks impressive. Until now, projectors have only been pretty looking shells for SWF files. Now you can start developing full applications with Flash .."

    Visit the official website: http://www.swfkit.com

    Download SWFKit for free: http://www.swfkit.com/download.html
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    Hello everyone,

    We're very happy to announce that Flash Studio PRO 1.8 is now available for download and is the best version of FSP yet!

    We've extended the FSCommands to over 200 now with enhanced Video and HTML FSCommands, more Registry reading commands and a few other nice surprises!

    The biggest feature we've added is full ActiveX support and functionality. You can now insert custom or standard ActiveX/OLE objects directly into your Projector during runtime!

    As always, Registered users can Update to 1.8 for completely FREE!

    Download your copy from http://www.multidmedia.com
    Sample Projectors and FLA's available from http://www.multidmedia.com/downloads

    Full list of new commands below:


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    MDM are very proud to announce the arrival of Flash Studio PRO 1.9 - an immense powerhouse of development muscle for Macromedia Flash Designers and Developers.

    Flash Studio PRO 1.9 extends the ultimate SWF2EXE application with over 50 new FSCommands including extended http processor commands for never before seen remote control of your Projectors! Control your application from anywhere in the world from any wireless or internet enabled device with custom response messages!

    Also included in Flash Studio PRO 1.9 is the ability to set and pass custom command line parameters to your Projector! Automate your applications, trigger events and schedule tasks all from the command line! Flash Studio PRO 1.9 offers new functionality which is not available anywhere else!

    Also included in Flash Studio PRO 1.9 also introduces PPSV (Pre Processed System Variables) - an amazing new way to automate your application development time. Popular System Paths and Data are available in your Projector without even writing a single line of code! PPSV's are reserved variable names which contain data such as the Temp Director Path, Hard Disk Serial Number and even the computers Registered User! PPSV's mean less coding time and fewer mistakes as important information is there exactly when you need it!

    The new FSCommands and Features include:


    Registered users of Flash Studio PRO may update for completely Free at the MDM Update Centre!

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    Jugglor 1.1d Release |

    ::: Flash MX compatibility :::

    *********** Jugglor 1.1d has now finally been released! We have been testing it for a while to ensure it works fully with the new features of Flash MX.

    Now you can create more powerful Juggled files -- the limits just got pushed further!

    ::: New / Improved features :::

    Existing Juggler features have been tweaked even further -

    * Read and Write to the Windows Registry
    * Using the LOADMOVIE command with Jugglor
    * "Current Directory" just got smarter
    * Juggled files are now fully compatible with Windows XP
    * The Jugglor engine now has more horsepower so your Flash files play
    faster and smoother
    * Icon and Network support have also been greatly increased
    * Macromedia right click support

    ::: Bug Fixes :::
    This latest version includes the latest bug fixes so your Juggled files will be even more reliable.



    for further information.

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    Hey guys, another update for Flash Studio PRO!

    New Features/Bug Fixes include:

    New FSCommands added:


    Minor FSCommand Bugs Fixed:


    Windows 95/98A Limited Support Added
    Increased SWF/Projector Security

    ...Enjoy the update!

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    Announcing Vector Vj™ 1.0 Professional

    Vector Vj™ 1.0 Professional is a Commercial Visual Public Performance System. The system consists of a hardware Human Interface Device tightly integrated with the Vector Vj Visual Performance Engine software. The System can be licensed for exhibition at public and private performances and events.

    The Vector Vj System was designed to be used and enjoyed by anyone interested in the spontaneous composition of audio, video, still and moving images.

    Born out of necessity and desire for a kind of “visual swiss army knife” that just did not exist, the team at Meltdown Studios set out to create one of our own, the result of our efforts is Vector Vj 1.0 Professional. Designed from the ground up by and for visual performance artists; our aim is clear: to provide visual pioneers with a solid system for unrestricted exploration and experimentation in the audio visual realms.

    At the core of this system is a specialized set of utilities, which allow the artist Independent and precise control over the properties of each media layer. This includes X position, Y position, Zoom/Scale, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha Level, Latitude, Longitude and Rotation. Having this level of fine grain control over each layer of your composition provides you with a staggering number of possibilities and permutations.

    If you can imagine each of the above described sliders as an instrument in a “Visual Symphony” then perhaps the following feature can best be described as the conductor of the instruments in that Visual Symphony.

    The Motion Lab is a one of a kind motion synthesis and automation laboratory. The Motion Lab controls Automation and functionality can be likened to that of the flying-faders found on audio mixing consoles in high-end recording studios.

    With the Motion Lab you have the ability to apply Sinusoidal, Square and Saw Tooth – Wave based Automation. This Automation can be applied to each and or all of the sliders for each and or all Active Layers independently! It is essentially like having 48 extra sets of arms and hands to mix with, that lock into the beat and never get tired.

    Because of the efficient way Vector Vj handles these permutations, you will have the freedom to rapidly explore, enhance, and leverage your new and existing media in ways you never imagined. By performing this on the fly recycling of your media, Vector Vj can substantially improve your overall media mileage.

    With Vector Vj’s palette of real-time manipulation tools, interesting and beautiful visual compositions can be quickly constructed and delivered to your audience up to five levels deep, depending on system health, performance, ram and available processor cycles.

    For further information please visit:

    ©2003 Meltdown Studios All rights reserved

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    Swish Studio

    Swishzone has gone into public beta testing
    of SWISHStudio

    SWiSHstudio lets you convert your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burn directly to a CD-ROM in three easy steps

    Create an EXE
    Convert your Flash movies into a standalone projector executable (EXE).

    Create a CD-ROM
    Burn your movies straight to a CD-ROM, perfect for those presentations and demos. Create a Screensaver
    Now you can even convert your Flash movies into windows screensavers.

    [b]Combine Multiple Movies[b]
    Combine mutiple Flash movies and define the playing order and play back options.

    Window Styles
    Select from many window styles including windowless and transparent background.

    Control Size and Position
    Control your movie's size, position on the screen and window state.

    Mouse and Keyboard Controls
    Allow users to interact with your movies with keyboard and mouse controls.

    FSCommand Support
    Using FSCommands give you access to a powerful set of commands and system calls.

    Add Menu Items
    Select the context menu items and about box to display with your movie.

    Download available at

    Post your feedback here


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    Jugglor 2.0 Release | Ready for a show-stopping Flash performance?

    Hi ,

    Jugglor 2.0 Release | Ready for a show-stopping Flash performance?

    ::: *********** Jugglor v2 is here! :::

    Jugglor continues to innovate and deliver breakthrough features in this latest version that you don't want to miss. Creating stand-alone programs that amaze, entertain and give you a professional edge is what Jugglor's all about. Wait until you see Jugglor 2's interactive interface, dual engines to handle Projectors and SWFs, ActiveX installation and more!

    ::: New / Improved features :::

    This list could fill screen after screen, so we'll just share some
    highlights. To see the every last feature in glorious detail,
    check out


    ** Engine Duo -- get engine support for both SWF and Projector Files

    ** Interactive Experience -- new look and interface with Flash menus

    ** Nice Package -- Create Open/Save Packaged Projects & package up ALL the files and resources used in your Jugglor projects for easier distribution

    ** Active X Installation -- Choose from 2 options to help end users who don't have the Active X Plugin

    ** Shape Up, Flash -- Control the look of any Flash file with new Dynamic Shaping

    ** Toy Power -- Give new life to Flash-created characters & turn them into cartoon Desktop Toys

    ** Plus much much more...

    ::: Download Evaluation :::

    Download your evaluation copy here

    ::: Gallery :::

    To see what Jugglor v2 can do for you then please take a look at the EXAMPLE files created.


    Hope to see you Juggling the v2 way soon. Thanks for your support.

    *********** Support Team

    Email: support@***********.com
    Web: www.***********.com

    "Be good, not evil. Analyse and improve your character with every
    experience. Be good and wise, not good and foolish."

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    More than just an upgrade... an Evolution!

    MDM are very proud to announce the arrival of Flash Studio PRO v2.0 - an evolution of the Ultimate SWF2EXE Application. Flash Studio PRO v2 has become a powerhouse of development muscle for Macromedia Flash Designers and Developers.

    The new features in Flash Studio PRO v2 provide even greater productivity, power and possibilities to your SWF based Application Development.

    Improved GUI
    The Flash Studio PRO v2 workspace has been greatly improved whilst retaining the ease of use from the original version. FSPv2 builds upon the popular tab system of the original and provides a larger
    workspace to house the additional features. In addition, the GUI can also be maximized to full screen if required.

    Form Based Development
    Flash Studio PRO v2 embraces a form based visual programming environment, which allows advanced development of applications. FSPv2 is the only SWF2EXE tool which offers multiple window applications based upon the Macromedia Flash™ Format!

    100% Standalone Projectors
    A key improvement, Flash Studio PRO v2 now builds completely standalone Projectors. Using advanced OCX handling Techniques, Flash Studio PRO v2 Projectors will now run even if the end system does not have the Flash OCX installed. In addition, Admin Rights are no longer required!

    Pixel Perfect Transparency
    Transparency in Flash Studio PRO v2 has been greatly improved. PC Windows 2000 and XP Projectors now benefit from pixel perfect transparency and alpha blending which means you can create amazing transparent desktop applications.

    Build Installers and Trial Protected Projectors
    Flash Studio PRO v2 now allows you to compile a custom installer for your application. In addition, you can create "Trial" applications by limiting your projector to number of uses, number of days use, or even to a specific date.

    Projector Transitions
    Build applications which morph, blend, fade and scroll onto your desktop! Projector transitions are unique to Flash Studio PRO v2 and add incredible creative functionality to your desktop applications.

    Projector Skins
    Instantly give your Projectors and Applications a unique look and feel with over 100 pre-designed Skins - You can even specify a different skin for each form! Make your projectors look like WinXP or MacOSX applications or even dress them with completely unique look!

    Burn directly to CD/DVD
    Flash Studio PRO v2 now allows you to burn your application, project, setup files directly to CD or DVD without using any external software! Once you have completed a project, you can create a CD or DVD ready for distribution! *CD Writer Required for CD Burning. DVD Writer Required for DVD Burning.

    Extendable Architecture
    Flash Studio PRO v2 has been built upon an extendable architecture. Virtually every aspect of FSPv2 can be extended through official MDM Plug-in's or 3rd Party Extensions. Users can even develop their own range of extensions in C++ or VBScript.

    Over 600 FSCommands
    Flash Studio PRO v2 features over 600 re-written FSCommands. Virtually anything can be achieved "out of the box" with the extremely powerful built in FSCommands. In addition to new File Browser, PDF and DLL FSCommands, previous functions and features have been updated and improved.

    ...plus MUCH MORE!

    Flash Studio PRO v2 is without a doubt the Ultimate SWF2EXE Application!


    MDM Homepage: http://www.multidmedia.com
    FSPv2 Homepage: http://www.multidmedia.com/software/support
    FSPv2 Microsite: http://www.flashstudiopro.com
    MDM Support Forum: http://www.mdmforum.com
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    ::: SlickTV Studio enters the arena... :::

    It's time to shake up the multimedia application establishment and venture into a NEW rapid design and development interface with the latest creation from 3rd Eye Solutions.

    Introducing.... Slick TV Studio -- the new, one-of-a-kind development tool for creating custom multimedia applications that connect the Internet and desktop for online and offline user experiences.

    With Slick TV Studio, you can forge a slick, new communication channel and gain a coveted desktop position for marketing, employee or customer relations, e-commerce, entertainment and more. Slick TV Studio lets you...

    -- Feature the Web's top media distribution formats and Flash, Real and Windows media content, plus a customisable Web browser in one power-packed application.

    -- Push fresh content, such as Flash movies, Web pages, MP3s, streaming video and audio, wallpapers and any other file types, to application users instantly.

    --- Develop applications with an intuitive drag and drop interface - no programming is required. Now there's no need to invest a lot of programming time and money into app creation, because Slick TV does all the work.

    With Slick TV Studio, you now can create dynamic multimedia apps that open a creator-to-user communication channel to reach consumer, B2B or employee audiences.

    ++ Establish desktop presence and stay top-of-mind with users

    ++ Promote products, services or programs via content and e-commerce

    ++ Attract new users through viral marketing

    ++ Drive website usage

    ++ Enhance online brand or company image

    And there's more, so see what Slick TV Studio will do for you:

    Additional Features

    ::: Gallery :::

    Here's what you can do with the creativity and the power of Slick TV Studio. Check out these recent creations and see Slick TV Studio in action.What will you do with it?


    ::: Screenshots :::

    Review screenshots to see a Slick TV Studio creation in various stages of development.


    ::: Download :::

    Download your FREE evaluation copy from


    Please look at the example files given.

    ::: Ordering :::

    To order

    It's time to start a web revolution and Slick TV Studio will take you there.

    Slick TV Support Team

    e : support@slicktv.com
    w : http://www.slicktv.com
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    Flash Wallpaper 1.01 Released

    Flash Wallpaper - SWF on your desktop

    We at Tenmiles are glad to announce our new product - Flash Wallpaper. Flash Wallpaper helps you to create installable Flash Wallpapers for Windows. Flash Wallpaper is FREE for personal use and is priced at $49.95 for commercial use.

    Why use Flash Wallpaper?
    Brand Promotion. A flash wallpaper is the best way to deliver rich media content to right on to the user's desktop. Tenmiles Flash Wallpaper helps you create installable flash wallpaper.

    Installable Flash Wallpaper
    It's easy and hassle free. Creating an installable wallpaper as easy as 1-2-3. End users' installing the wallpaper will not need any plugin or flash.

    Any flash file
    Flash Wallpaper supports SWF created using any software including Macromedia Flash 4, Flash 5 and Flash 6/MX, Flash MX 2004. You can also specify additional resource files required by the Wallpaper E.g. swf, txt, xml, mp3 etc.

    No-nonsense Licensing
    Pay no royalities or any such thing for distribution of wallpaper created using Flash Wallpaper. Flash Wallpaper is FREE for personal use and $49.95 for commercial use.

    Re-brand your wallaper
    You can customize preview screen and the installation screen with your own logo or flash.

    Make Interactive Wallpapers
    Create interactive wallpaper, distribute flash games, xml feed/content, calendars and lot more. Your creativity is your limit!

    Drive Visitors to your Website
    Include hyperlinks to e-mail and web addresses on your wallpaper.

    For more information visit: http://www.tenmiles.com/flashwallpaper/

    Excerpt of press release:
    Flash Wallpaper finds diverse uses; the limit is actually the designer’s creativity. Though it is easy to figure out some of the obvious uses of Flash Wallpaper, there’s a fat chance that someone out there could create a revolution just by using Flash Wallpaper innovatively. Flash Wallpaper is to desktops, like what blogging is to web publishing. Flash Wallpaper is all set to make the dormant desktop come alive.

    Read the complete press release here
    ScreenSwift For Flash
    Convert Flash Movie to ScreenSaver

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    +++ Mac OSX Export Plug-In for Flash Studio PRO v2 +++

    Flash Studio PRO v2 is now officialy the FIRST and ONLY SWF2EXE compiler that exports desktop applications to both Windows and Mac OSX Platforms from a single SWF file!

    Flash Studio PRO v2 has already set new standards in SWF Application Development and expanded the ever growing Flash Eco-System. With the introduction of the Mac OSX Plug-In, designers and developers can now build and deploy desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OSX from a single SWF file!

    Mac OSX Projectors even include multi-form development, are 100% Standalone and include over 100 FSP Commands which allow your Mac OSX Applications to read, write and delete files, connect to MySQL Databases and even execute AppleScript!

    For a full list of features please visit http://www.multidmedia.com/software/flashstudio/osx

    No hype, No Spin-Doctoring, No more Waiting! Compiled Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac OSX from your Flash Movies!

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    Russia, St.-Petersburg

    ANN: TFlashPlayerControl is an ultimate Flash component for Delphi

    Softanics announces the release of TFlashPlayerControl to help developers make better use of Flash technology in their applications

    Softanics today announced the release of TFlashPlayerControl, the latest version of an innovative Delphi component to make better use of Flash technology in multimedia applications. With its simplicity of code, high compatibility with Borland Delphi and TStream support, the utility is a perfect solution for developers who want to implement Flash technology in their projects.

    TFlashPlayerControl offers developers many benefits while creating games, multimedia applications, etc. With TStream support, the component allows seamlessly instilling flash movies into applications and then loading them from any TStream descendant including TResourceStream or TMemoryStream while Flash Player ActiveX loads flash files only from local folders or URL. Besides, as the user launches an application the component simultaneously starts loading swflash.ocx/flash.ocx codes right from a stream, for example, TResourceStream or TFileStream. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the user can play flash movies without even having Flash Player ActiveX installed on the system. TFlashPlayerControl utilization prevents flash movies from being stolen as now they can be encrypted and placed inside the application resources.

    “Using Flash animations in Delphi applications has become really easy with TFlashPlayerControl” said Andrew Ross, head programmer at P&S Data Systems. According to Mr. Ross “We have used the component for an e-learning project for a large customer with great results. It was essential to be able to distribute the application as a single exe file which will work even if Flash is not installed on the system. TFlashPlayerControl works flawlessly on all the systems we have tested. Thank you for a great product and excellent support!”

    The demo version of TFlashPlayerControl component, hosting all registered version features, can be downloaded on-line at


    Home page of the project: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/
    Delphi version of the component: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/delphi/
    FAQ: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/delphi/faq.html
    On-line help: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/delphi/help/
    Download page: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/delphi/download.html
    Order page: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/delphi/order.html

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    The Ultimate SWF2EXE, Flash Studio PRO v2 has been updated and rebranded for 2005!

    ZINC v2 Build 2.1.1 is now available and is the fastest, most stable, most powerful version yet! It now includes:

    All New {mdm}Script
    Over 650 Commands
    Over 50 All New System Event Functions
    File Menu Functions
    And More!

    Learn More at http://www.multidmedia.com/news/news.php?id=40

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