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Thread: Q about scrolling text from opened html

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    Q about scrolling text from opened html

    i'm trying to open an html of text into a scroll layer.
    i have a movie as my main page with an area where i want to put a scrolling text on top. the text is a few pages long so its too big to put on the page. i'm trying to load the text from a seperate html into the scroll area. makes sense?
    at the bottom of each text page i have a link to the next page, but i'm having a hard time getting the text to load from a seperate html.
    i tried an action calling it to open , but so far nothing.
    anyone have a clue how i can do this?

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    is it a html or a 3dfa problem?
    on bret's site, there is a scrolling layer example, so check it out, if that solve your prob ;-)

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    concerning scroll

    i did check the sample out,
    and that works fine until i place it on a background with other animations.
    i am trying to load the document of several pages onto a page(movie)
    rather than have the document or element as part of the page when constructed
    as it would make the page(movie) to large.
    another problem i'm having with building it into the page(movie) is that i have other animations on the page and these animations start moving (scrolling) up and down instead of the text that is on a seperate movie with layer and the scroll buttons.
    i built the text scroll movie as seperate and it worked ok, then placed it on the page but same problems occurred.


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