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Thread: a simple "go to"

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    a simple "go to"

    it's so stupid like that....

    the link "go to" to another scene dues not work...and I dont know why..I've already seen if something's wrong with the names..but no everything seems to be correct.

    just a note:
    the bottom who the link are, is in a movie clip, who contains another movie clip with the bottoms...

    please help....tks

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    If you show us the code on your button, somebody can help you better.

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    I set up an example movie and concluded that with a button in an MC you can only tell root to gotoAndPlay a specific frame. But, you can name the first frame in your scene in the properties box and then write a line of code like this:

    through the _root you can only access frame names or number, because an individual scene doesn't exist. the scenes are all put together on the _root movie. I hope that makes sense.

    Have fun and let me know if you learned anything
    God bless you!

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    tks...it's working

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