Anyone ever 'sacked' a client? I did today. They were more trouble than they were worth.

I advised them on where to buy a cheap redirect domain, because they wanted a cheap redirect domain and because I won't compete with 3 a year for full mail and web forwarding.

But the company who host the redirect 'went dead' - email is the only way to contact them and they don't reply anymore.

And we were expected to sort this out. But it can't be done, because as I said on this board earlier, a dead business can't talk.

He always questioned everything I ever told him as if it were a con and probably wouldn't have spent much more money anyway. He annoyed me so much I told him to seek another designer.

It's never happened before, but when you have a lot of clients, you can ditch one if he's ultimately detrimental to your business overall. If you don't respect yourself, you can't do business.

You shouldn't and can't become a client's *****. They have to respect you. Unless... your business has one big client that provides a vital percentage of your bottom line, which is Web Design Hell. So cast a broad net on the Net, everyone.