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Thread: Blur Images

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    Blur Images


    please tell me i am right or not Ok regarding to blur images in flash when i made 2 images in photoshop that is a blured and a original and then i bring in flash i got the blur effect but do i reduce the file size by any idea because file get heavy size due to 2 same images.



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    What format are your images? If they are not JPEG images, try using .jpg versions of them - maybe .gif files will be small as well

    I know that in later versions of Photoshop you can 'Save for the Web' as one of your Save options - this will optimize your image to the smallest size possible.

    Otherwise there are several applications that will optimize graphics for you and get the Kb size down.... search for 'gif optimizer' or 'image optimizer'.

    Not being the greatest Flash expert, I think that you do have to import the two different copies of the image into the movie.

    Hope that helps a little

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