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Thread: Load text like hypertext

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    I was wondering if it was possible to do something like make text load like hypertext. What I want to do is have a flash program that reads news updates from a CGI program and I was wondering if there was any way to make it so that I could have links (<a href crap) converted into buttons or something you could click on.

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    I'm working on something similar, importing news from a text file and creating a link.

    The way I've done it is to have two variables for each news item. Variable 1 is the text that will be displayed, variable 2 is the url to which that text will link.

    Haven;t got the code handy right now but basically you can build buttons using the text field and use a mouse event to goto URL 'variable 2'.

    If you need to know more, let me kno

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    Yeah, that's basically what I was thinking. It makes it kinda limited, though. Oh well, better than nothing. Thanks.

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