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Thread: Preloader problems...

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    Preloader problems...

    Example .swf is located at http://www.digitalguile.com/dg3.html

    I am having some serious problems getting my preloader to work. I've made preloaders before that only involved a variable and a dynamic text field, but this time I tried the method of have a 100 frame long animation with the code below playing through it as needed:

    frame = int(_root.getBytesLoaded() / _root.getBytesTotal() * 100);

    On the next frame, there is a gotoAndPlay() function that sends it back to the frame with the above actionscript on it.

    On frame 101 in the preloader movie clip I have this action:


    When it goestoandstops on 100, it will then jump to frame 101 and play. From frame 101 it plays a little animation and then on the last frame calls the nextScene() function.

    I've tried many different ways of doing this and none have worked. Why is this not working? I've looked at all the tutorials, and nothing helps. Preloaders really shouldn't be this hard, so I am assuming that I am doing something completely wrong somewhere along the line.

    TIA, Aaron.

    PS. I imported an mp3 into Scene 2 in an effort to increase the load time, because before that it was just jumping to frame 100 and stopping there. Still nothing.

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    look, leave the preloader animation to do it's own and don't try to control the movie from it. the progress animation is one thing and the movie play control is another.
    the thing is, i think that because of the loop, the preloader never reachs frame 101. use a consition to check if the movie has been loaded fully and then ask for the player to move to your next animation or scene for that matter.
    hope i helped...
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    Matti Bar-Zeev,

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    whats a consition?
    I moved the nextScene() out of the preloader, but I need to wait for my cache to clear so that I can get a fresh copy from the site.
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