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Thread: Isometric Shadows launches ... finally!

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    Isometric Shadows launches ... finally!

    Ok, it's been a while coming but my new site is finally launched. There still more to be added to it but it's pretty much finished. So check it out here.

    PS : Comments welcome.

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    Re: Isometric Shadows launches ... finally!

    WOOW...nice navigation, a little confucing at first but got the hang of it later on. How did you make that chromless window? Can you tell me? Just curious.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah sure, the chromeless window ... there's an extension you can get for dreamweaver that does it all automatically and it's pretty straight forward, you can get it at www.macromedia.com .

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    Very Nice

    You have originality. Good job. I like the navigation. I think the theme of your site is consistent. Once again very nice job.

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    Hey Ben,

    Not to like your site at all because it is very creative and I love the graffiti but every impression I have ever gotten from Isometrics is clean cut shapes. Sharp edges, sharp corners, contrast. I don't know maybe I was just influenced differently than others but I don't understand how isometrics translates into your design style..

    One day my ship will come in and I'll be at the airport.

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