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Thread: Making a Flash based Chat Room

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction for this. I have been to a couple and would like to have one on my website. Any help would be greatly apprectiated!

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    I Have Almost Completed A Huge Project Virtual Chatrroms In Flash (Ultima Online Style) And Believ Me Its Hardwirk And There Is Alot Of Actionscripting and backend work to do too!!
    I Have Used PHP3 With MYSQL Cos Its The Fastest!!

    Unless You Have Alot Of Experience With Actionscript And A Backend Scripting Language ASP<CGI<PHP3 then i wouldnt bother otherwise i would recommend you use php3 and if you want help and advice then e-mail me!!

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    This is what you really want!


    Fla. for download. instructions ect.

    go to his guestbook. I'm not so hot about his scroll bars though. Click and hold is my preference
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    resolved Flash Chat

    Take a look at my Flash Chat.
    Free download for non-commercial use.
    Requires ASP (NT web server)

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