I have a similar problem with using the loadVars() function in connecting it with my php script that handles the data.

Nothing seems to be wrong with the php script because when I run it using actionscript's send() function, the data gets emailed.

So the problem has to be in the actionscript because when I used LoadVars() and loadVariables() funtions, they don't work, in other words, nothing happens to the email script.

But then again, I was wondering that maybe it's because a php script cannot run unless it's opened? D'uh, I don't know.

Okay now, here's the actionscript code:

on (release) {
		if (...some condition I placed...) {
		var submit:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
		submit.emailTo = "bernie.leano@star22home.com";
	        submit.emailFrom = data_mc.email_input.text;
		submit.emailSubject = "star22home Form Submission";
	        submit.firstname = data_mc.first_input.text;
		submit.lastname = data_mc.last_input.text;
		submit.company = data_mc.company_input.text;
		submit.telephone_area = data_mc.telephone_input_area.text;
		submit.telephone1 = data_mc.telephone_input1.text;
		submit.telephone2 = data_mc.telephone_input2.text;
		submit.mssg = data_mc.message_input.text;
		submit.fax_area = data_mc.fax_input_area.text;
		submit.fax1 = data_mc.fax_input1.text;
		submit.fax2 = data_mc.fax_input2.text;
		else {
			data_mc.alert_dt.text = "Error: Fill in all required fields in proper format.";
A little help please. Thank you for the time.