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Thread: Challenge for the experts, can you fix this?

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    Challenge for the experts, can you fix this?

    Hey Guys,

    Ok to begin take a loof at the .swf file at:


    Ok, i guess you figured, its a muscial keyboard...so what? Ok a bit of background then. I work for a City Learning Centre in Liverpool and work with Teachers across the borough developing web based curriculum content for our schools. A Music teacher from one of our partner schools requested I develop a kind of virtual Keyboard to help students develop a understanding of chord structures. Ok, the easy part in done, the keys drawn, sounds attached to each key etc. So, whats the problem...well, if you play more than 8 key (sounds) in continous succesion, things go a bit strange. Sounds are not attched to each key using the 'Sounds Object' but attached to the second frame of each button / key. Would it be easier for me to use the sound object? It is something I am a little unfamiliar with. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, if you wanna play around with the .fla and email it back to me with any ideas please feel free to do so. You can grab a copy of the .fla here:


    Thanks in advance for any help guys...

    Take it easy! Vector!!

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    OK without knowing your code i think y put everything on your main timeline did you?

    To me the problem seems to deal with the timeline of the key itself. Whe you hit the key there is no other key able to play until your first key movie has ended.

    A lot of possibilities can force this behaviour.

    Try to use the sound object.

    Once understood its pretty simple to use and the best of it : start your sound via sound Object and forget it. Everything works by itself.

    There was fantastic tutorial dealing with the sound object but i cant remember the author.

    You will find it in the tutorial section.



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