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Thread: need some advice

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    need some advice

    I have a pretty complex question to ask that is kinda involved, so here it goes.

    I am working with Flash MX.

    I have a building with 12 floors. Each floor has a floor plan with 20 units on it. Each floor is clickable and takes you to a floorplan. Each unit on that floorplan is clickable to a detail of that unit that pulls in info from a DB as to details and such.

    Ok, that explained, I am currently setting up like this...
    Each floor is a flash movie that contains the floorplan with clickable units. When you click on a particular unit, it takes you to a different scene with that unit detail. There would be 20 diff. scenes.

    I know there is a better way to do it. Would it make more sense to make each unit # a MC and load it into the the same timeline? I am not sure how to do this, and I know that scenes are a little sketchy to work with. Would this make it a smaller (bandwidth wise) movie as well?

    Any suggestions???


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    to avoid scenes (which you should) make a new movieclip and treat each of its individual frames as your "scenes". In each one of these frames you can include independant moviclips which, when this main scene movieclip goes to the specific frame, that movieclip will be present and play.

    You can make the first frame of this scenes mc empty with just a stop() command so when you place it on the screen in flash its nothing until you tell it to gotoAndStop at a specific frame.

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    my advice

    for the descrition you made it seems that your movie will be very large although it works, so by advice (the way i would do it) is to make every unit a swf file that loads inside a floor swf wich loads into a main swf, all of them with their own preloaders. seems to me that the loadMovie is the best option for you.

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