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Thread: a question about Input Text

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    a question about Input Text

    I'm creating an interactive poster template application where a salesman can create his own custom posters to target specific clients of his.

    I was going strong yesterday figuring out page size, background colors, and even getting the thing to print properly [no matter what the page area was]

    How I'm totally stumped with the headline, and honestly, feel like an idiot.

    I'd like to create an input field and an 'apply' button that would target the poster preview movieclip in the same root timeline.

    Basically, after the user inputs a title into the Input Text field and clicks the apply button, the words the user put into that field appear in the movie clip placed on that same timeline.

    I've seen plenty of examples here on flashkit where the text and stuff stays on the same root timeline. I would like the "user's text" to be sent to a text field wating to recieve it, one timeline lower.

    I'm welcome to try any method. Perhaps a DuplicatClip command, PostVariable? I havn't a clue. Please help me.

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    So when the user clicks the Apply button you dont want it immediately to display in the MC. If thats the vas you can have the MC read it when necessary. The apply button isnt even necessary as the input field is variable. You just reference it from the MC.


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