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Thread: looping external swfs(flash 5)

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    looping external swfs(flash 5)

    I have 15 external swf files that I need to loop
    in my main movie. These 15 files are small animations
    that last around 15 seconds each. I need each animation to cycle through one after another. Does anyone know how I would go about setting this up?
    Also, my main movie has serval buttons that load external swf's in
    empty clips placed on the stage. Do I need to add preloaders to these external files? The biggest file is around 40kb. Most are around 15 kb.
    Thank you very much for your help.

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    hi there

    in the last frame of each of your movies, make it unload itself from the container movie clip, and loads another one, and so on, till they start all over again, and yes, make a preloader, even if your content is small, there's no telling how the user will recieve it, so better equip you movies with a preloader, although 40 K.B. is very small

    hope that helped

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