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Thread: i'd love a site check

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    i'd love a site check


    working on what I hope is a clean, more stylish design. Can you all check it out. See if everything looks ok.

    Also, I was force to put the image in the header as a background and use a spacer image. This made a rather obnoxious white space between the header image and the navigation table. The problem was that, when I put the image in as it should go, it would sort of offset in the table and not line up correctly with the scalable part that I wanted to use as a background for the header. Has anybody ever run into anything like that, and if so, how did you fix it. This is the first time I have had to cut up an image in photoshop and use an image in the background, so maybe I did something wrong. I just found it weird that it lines up just right if I put both header images as backgrounds.


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    Looks good. You might want to try for a little more consistancy regarding your fonts and the font size tho.

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    THere are several problems in your html code that might fix the problem....

    In the body tag you need to have marginwidth=0 and marginheight=0 (the ones you have are for Netscape, these are for Explorer).

    The cell that has the spacer gif has a height of six, but the spacer gif is only 1 pixel high...this is probably why the white space (you could also change the color of this cell to black or some other color).

    Your cells are missing the ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP tags, this would keep everything aligned correctly.

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    looks fine to me. a bit white, but it has a nice touch.

    keep working

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