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Thread: loading movie

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    I am new to Flash and am wondering how to have the "loading" signs come up before my movies start. Help please.

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    For the preloader:

    Make a new scene>>Goto windows>Inspectors>scenes>>name the new scene preloader and drag it b4 your main scene>close the window>>goto the preloader scene if your not already there>>Make a new movie clip that has your preloader movie in it and in the last frame, goto the last frame and add the actions:

    If Frame is loaded(last frame on main scene)
    goto and play(main scene, 1)
    End Frame Loaded

    This should work

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    fishbrain is mostly right. when you create a preloader you don't have to add a new scene. and you want to target the if frame is loaded action to the heaviest frames like one with sound or heavy graphics. just making sure that the last frame is loaded won't get it done if your movie is large with music. trust me.

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