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Thread: New 3DFA Version?

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    New 3DFA Version?

    Hallo Community!

    I have a question and a feedback to the 3DF-Animator-Team?

    First the feedback:I like 3D-Animator,because I think it has much more usability than flash. I'm real impressed and I'll use 3dfa for a longer time if some features will be included soon!
    All in all:Real great thing!!!!!

    But there are a lot of things,without you can't do real professional work:
    1.)Video import!!!
    2.)Exporting Projectors(for APPLE and windows)!!!
    3.)straming media(sound,....)!!!
    4.)real definiton of objects(per example rectangle widht+height in pixels)!!!
    5.)Exporting Video(.avi Files)!!!!
    6.)Sound fade in/fade out!!!

    When comes a new version including all these things?


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    I agree in almost all those things, but i don't think we can expect them to just put in all those functions, especially not that export as AVI. They've got quite much bugs to deal with also... Only today, yhe program crashed three times for me... It would be real nice with fade in and fade out sound functions, it would make it easier to make background music for games made in 3DFA... I don't think there will be a new verision very soon, but check their website as often as you can. www.3dfa.com

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    next version

    I've been told that the next version is due out in Janurary.

    I don't have any details but I do know it will be MAJOR release and many new features will be included.

    This is why it's very important to keep sending reports to support with suggestions and bug reports.

    I do believe there will be imporvements in the sound engine
    There was talk about video import.

    Of course I don't really know for sure. But I do hear rumors.

    I for one am pretty happy with the current release. There are a few bugs yet but mostly 3.72 has been really good.

    Can't wait for 4.0 though....

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