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Thread: Checking multiple var's with one click?

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    Checking multiple var's with one click?

    I have 4 variables (text fields) that need to be checked with one button click. I've wasted a good hour and a half trying to figure this out.

    I had to do this hundreds of time when i was using flash 4 but haven't done it in 2 years. Well now i need to do it in flash mx and can not get it to work.

    Help Please


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    Peace and good Vibes Pippomusic's Avatar
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    hello drop
    peace to you too....

    try building a function:

    checkVarz = function() {
    // check var 1
    // check var 2
    // etc...

    then, on the onPress event:

    on (Press) {

    that's the simplest way
    but there could be million better ones...


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    Thanks Pippomusic but the function junk was giving me a head ache so i went and ate some lunch sat back down and redid my code... this is what I came up with and it works in case anyone was curious

    on (release) {
    if (a1 eq "30000"| a1 eq "30,000" && a2 eq "1000"| a2 eq "1,000" && a3 eq "9241"| a3 eq "9,241" && a4 eq "294.40") {
    } else {

    Thanks again though.


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