again, i am running this discussion in several forums, not 'cause of sapm, but i'd like to hear different opinions from different points of views. Scripting and Backend can help me see from the point of view of programmers

The thing is this: some friends and I decided to make some money: how? developing some cool software. What? we have no idea. I want to convince them to make a nice swf tool. The issue is that we've been browsing and there's a lot of software or tools for flash and swf files: swf2avi, avi2swf, xml2swf, jpg2swf, swf for php, swfdraw and so on. Those are little tools that can help somehow to develop nice flash applications, but there are very few real tools (like swift 3d).

So, now I ask: what kind of tool, software, application, would you like to see developed from flashers to flashers. Is there something you've been dreaming about to develop flash stuff, something that would complete your flash experience? Hope you have ideas and opinions