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Thread: another project....suggestions?

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    another project....suggestions?

    Ok, i know this is not good, but it's for good reasons i am running this discussion in several forums, not 'cause of spam, but i'd like to hear different opinions from different points of views. Well, i posted here, cause i'm a regular here, nothing else

    The thing is this: some friends and I decided to make some money: how? developing some cool software. What? we have no idea. I want to convince them to make a nice swf tool. The issue is that we've been browsing and there's a lot of software or tools for flash and swf files: swf2avi, avi2swf, xml2swf, jpg2swf, swf for php, swfdraw and so on. Those are little tools that can help somehow to develop nice flash applications, but there are very few real tools (like swift 3d).

    So, now I ask: what kind of tool, software, application, would you like to see developed from flashers to flashers. What is it that the flash designers need. You think flash developers, designers, animators need something of a tool for flash, which isn't on the market yet?????? Please give me your opinions.


    now, here are the links to the other discussions:

    here are the links to the other discussions:

    design and graphics: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...72#post2146472

    scripting and backend: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...hreadid=404857

    coffee lounge: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...79#post2146479

    again, this discussion i posted in different forums, cause i guess in each one they could talk about different aspects for the same question.
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    How about one where I press a button and my project is finished? All my clients seem to think I have one of those already...

    I think you could really do everyone some good if you made a really good usable accessibility tool for Flash, a la Magpie. Somehow enhancing the accessibilty features of Flash movies would be a great thing - ie, spoken text without a screen reader, etc.

    Actually, even building some components for zooming movies, adjusting colors for people with vision problems, reading text, etc. would be useful.

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    From an animation stand point. There's actually whole bunch of this I think could be useful.

    - A slider bar component for playing back the exported swf. That tells you what Scene\Frame you are on. And any other relevant info.
    - CNO's suggestion of a lip sync component. Maybe just something where you assign phenomes to the keys. And just type your text.
    - Even as set of custom transitions. And/Or tool for creating, saving and loading into other projects.
    - Sharing fla files over a network. A component that would allow acsess to other users projects over a network. You be able to access other libraries, and drag and drop from them.

    I'm sure I'll come up with some more. But I find these to be the main gripes about using Flash over more traditional animtion apps.
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