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Thread: Help with a fairly complex button

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    Help with a fairly complex button

    I'm trying to create a button that will play a movie within a timeline. Imagine a carousel and the horses go past. When you see a horse you like you moseover or click - that stops the horse and the horse rises up the pole revealing a surprise image beneath.

    I thouth I might be able to do this with a button that had the animatoin embedded in the OVER or DOWN states on different layers...but when I went to insert the button in the timeframe it's no good. So I suspect I need to create the new button as a movie. If I create the button as a movie, do I then just drop the multi-frame, multi-layer movie symbol in the main timeline. I probably need to embed that in another bottomm...so that when a user mousesover or clickson the horse it spawns the action.

    Anybody have any idea what the Hell I'm talking about?

    Many thanks for your thoughtful response,


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    The horse with the pic hidden should be a movie clip. The animation should be on the movie clip timeline. Drag an instance to the stage. It has to have an instance name, even if you don't use it. On the frame where the horse rises up the pole, add a frame label, 'begin'. Then, back on the main timeline, add to the horse movie clip:

    on(rollOver) {
    _root.gotoAndStop (_currentframe);
    on(press) {
    this.gotoAndPlay ("begin");

    This will stop the animation on rollover and send the playhead to the frame that starts the horse rising.

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