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Thread: Help loading from cd rom

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    Help loading from cd rom

    I made a flash but instead of running it off the internet/download, I would like it to run from the cd rom. The flash movie would be copied on a cd and needs to run from there. Could anyone please help me as to what I need to have in order for it to open from their cd rom? I normally have for my links on mouse release

    javascript:window.open('','WindyBday','width=750,height=350,t op=0,left=0'); void(0)

    but could this be pointing to my cd rom instead?

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    You need to create an EXE Projector file. Do that from File/Publish Settings. Then, you burn that to the CD, along with any sound, text, or SWF files that are loaded as externals. To make it start when you insert the CD, you need to add an Autorun.inf file in the directory, when you burn the CD. Do that by opening a Notepad file and adding:


    Save As 'Autorun.inf'. That is for PC machines, for Mac, you need software and a burner that can add the right files.

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