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Thread: Looking to buy 3rd party tool(s)

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    Looking to buy 3rd party tool(s)

    I'm looking to buy a third party tool that will let me combine a large multiple file, full-screen, projector into a single exe. My current project has 4 files. An exe, and 3 swfs. The exe runs on level 0. The swfs are loaded into and out of levels 1-3 as needed. Level 0 stores many of the variables needed by the swfs and the swfs are able to change them on level 0 when appropriate.

    So, is there a tool that will let me combine all this and still retain on my levels and code?

    Also, the ideal tool will let me do the following:
    - Read the registry
    - Send a silent e-mail
    - Write a txt file to the hard drive


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    There are a number of tools that will let you do this:

    SWF Studio http://www.northcode.com
    Flash Studio http://www.multidmedia.com
    Flash 'N Pack http://www.flashnpack.com
    FlashAnts http://www.flashants.com
    Jugglor http://www.***********.com
    LPFlashEX http://www.logicplus.com.hk
    mProjector http://www.binarynoise.com
    SWFKit http://www.swfkit.com

    My product is SWF Studio. If you have any questions about it, you can ask me here, in my support forums at www.northcode.com/forums or by sending email to support@northcode.com

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    Hi, my product is Flash Studio PRO and you can send any queries to support@multidmedia.com or check out the forums at www.mdmforum.com

    Good luck with your project

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