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Thread: New site up, something different.. LOOK

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    New site up, something different.. LOOK

    OK, i know there is stuff to fix..

    flash front page.. yaya, i know.. i have lots of work.. BUT i thought i guys would like to see something, and so... take a peek

    this is more for fun then anything and ive been only working at this for a day.. so..

    tell me what u think so far..


    talk to u guys soon,


    man im tired.. 2 am, snowboarding in 7 hours..
    ---===( Footer Under Re-Design )===---


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    Nov 2002
    Definitly Original.

    I like the general look and idea of it. From what is their so far i have only one comment.

    1.) Perhaps hit boxes over the people that are "Buttons" to fill in the gaps where the person should be but isn't due to the efffects added to the images. Example.... The Nav for "Dilleo" Most of his upperbody can't be clicked but you would think that it's there.

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    thnx.. yeah i'll be working on it for a little while

    this friday sucked.. but oh well.. The FNA's will continue..

    ---===( Footer Under Re-Design )===---


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    looks liek a good start. the one thing i dont like when i go to a web site is not knowing what the buttons are unless you roll over them first.

    Looking forward to see how this site develops.

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    Also when you click through to goto the "dellio", the text area is a let down. Seems very poorly done compared with the front page art, and clever navigation.

    Maybe work on some better transitions for bringing in your content. Unless you were leaving the main page and going thru to html.

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    original. nice. ug.

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    nice design and visuals. develop it more.

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