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Thread: Flash Remoting Output from .NET to Flash

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    Flash Remoting Output from .NET to Flash


    I wonder if someone can help me. I have written a Flash MX application which makes a call to a .NET application. The .NET application accesses a database using a stored procedure. I pass two values to the stored procedure which is fine but the stored procedure outputs two values. I now need to use these values within my Flash MX application but I am unsure how to actually send the results back into the Flash movie. Can someone give me a clue on exactly what I have to do. I understand that I could use the following in actionscript:

    function CommitBooking_result(result)
    // but what do I do here.

    Would I have to place my output values into a dataset and then return
    that as a recordset back to flash? I am using VB.NET.

    I look forward to someones help!

    Many thanks


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    if you are testing in the flash environment, just put a trace(result) into that function ...
    When I tried sending two vars from php, I got an array with two elements back


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    Hi thanks for your prompt reply. But I am still puzzled how I actually send the results back to Flash from .NET. If I get an output parameter from my stored procedure, how do I actually code that in .NET to send back to Flash. Obviously on recordsets I use a dataset which is not a problem but for single variables I am not sure about.

    Any further help would be much appreciated.



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    not sure if you still have questions or not, but...

    you can just return single values too, like if your output parameter returns an int, in your .NET function just say return myparameter.value

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