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Thread: Where does XML go when it leaves Flash?

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    Where does XML go when it leaves Flash?

    I'm trying to create a very simple XML-based Flash movie.

    My movie reads in a couple text nodes from a locally-stored xml file ("test.xml"), changes their values and (hopefully) exports the new XML back to the file.

    I've got two out of three, but am pretty lost on how to write the file back to the server.

    Here's the relevant AS:

    The first frame loads the XML file:

    content_xml = new XML();

    Another script, attached to a button, changes the appropriate values then tries to send the new XML back to the server (here's where I get lost):

    on (release) {

    "write.php" is a PHP file living on the server which is supposed to write the XML file based on the POST data from the Flash movie.

    I'm not attached to PHP if someone else has a suggestion in CGI or some other method.

    However, in PHP I tried the following:

    PHP Code:

    if (isset($_POST["confirm"]))//posted?

    $fp=fopen("test.xml","w");//overwrite existing text file
    fwrite($fp,var_export($_POST,TRUE));//write post-data
    It doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks...

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    From the Flash XML FAQ:

    PHP Code:
    // make sure you have the proper permissions to write to this file
    $filename = "xmloutput.txt";
    $fp = fopen( $filename,"w+");
    fwrite ( $fp, "$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA" );
    fclose( $fp );
    print '<?xml version="1.0"?><result>LOGIN OK</result>';
    Richard Lyman
    rich at lithinos.com

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