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Thread: One of the best ways to use Flash is intros

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    revising thread...

    Very entertaining thread on a very good topic. Would love to see topics like this more often.

    My personal opinion is if you can pull off a great intro than create it. If your intro looks more like a "powerpoint" presentation than well...you got a lot to work on. But the good news is you can only get better. Take Fake Pilot for example. If you compare their projects from the 90's to present they've improved a 100%!!(One of the only few sites that has the balls to actually showcase their first works)

    Everyone here can look back at their stuff and say..."Damn, I can't believe I created that!" One day you will look back at this "presentation" you created and find it amusing.

    Point is, leave this type of "90's" intros for the recycle bin (no offense but it's very old school) and take it from the pros in this place, they know their stuff. And don't be sour man, you can only get better.

    Pacific Design Company

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    <off topic>

    pacdesco...i thought your stuff looked pretty familiar...then i randomly checked out 808i.com and well....uh....hope you weren't in the witness protection program in case i just blew your cover....


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    erova: LOL!!! Yeah, that's me. We brought on board two more designers so I couldn't keep that name. Your site looks great man...hey wait we're going off the subject here...oh well this thread is dead anyway.

    Take care man.

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    Couldn't Resist

    Originally posted by gladzooks
    You posted your piece of garbage web site up on this critique forum and then procede to attack people who tried to help you - by pointing out what a piece of crap your website is. Your design is absolutely, irrefutably pathetic. I thought your music was a joke parodying porno film music - but then I almost keeled over laughing when I realized it wasn't. Your layouts are a la the Hooker flyers that people hand out in your home town. Your utilization of flash is so amateurish, it boggles the mind that you would have the audacity to attack other people for not knowing what they are talking about. But I guess that's the typical conservative's lot in life - to be a completely ignorant, mean-spirited, short-sighted, cretin, that likes to throw around loaded words to obfuscate the fact that they are sleazy, short-sighted, mean-spirited, ignoramuses.

    Your company website is an absolute disaster. It's an affront to the eye balls and ears. It so ridiculously bad, I can't even imagine who could think that it was in any way, either good design, or an effective portfolio site. And your marquee site is probably the worst piece of "web design" I have ever run across. You are a buffoon!
    Realizing that I vowed not to post on this again - I just couldn't resist, for my eyes have been opened and am reborn and this rebirth warrants another post - for it is truly profound.

    First let me say sorry for being "mean-spirited". All of you have been so gracious and kind - what was I thinking?

    My rebirth - for some time now I've really been losing interest in flash design. It just wasn't the same anymore. Being, by popular "Flash Pro's" opinion, that my work sucks anyway - you can understand my quandry. However the most amazing thing happened. Since Gladzooks was particularly unhappy with the PC House work (including our marquee portfolio piece which he said, 'is probably the worst piece of "web design" I have ever run across'). I decided to take a look at his site, just see all of the GLORY that I was missing. Low and behold, my heart began to beat again. The excitement and the thrill of design began to rush through my veins, awakening all of my senses. Gladzooks' site is surely the pinnacle of web design perfection. The whole, "Puzzle Navigation" was so completely extraordinary and unique as well. So thank you Mr. Zooks, your constructive criticism and your kind hearted ways are just one of your superb qualities. However, after seeing your design - your warm comments pale in comparison to your genius of creativity.

    I must rebut your comment about the music however. Our musical director is a genius even beyond you my friend, as if it were possible. Despite what you would think of me, please do not drag him through this sludge. I am fortunate to have his caliber of talent to work along side and his mastery should be an inspiration to us all.


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    not that my imput is valid now (so late in the post) but the intro is decent. Its not new or uber stunning but is entertaining. However some of the images i didnt like how the appeared on teh screen. Im not a big fan os skew unless used extremely tastefully like in http://www.rayoflight.net/

    The site doenst feel like it has form to it. Very loose which I dont like

    just my thought
    overall its not to bad though

    Review my site?

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    Nigel - that birds a bit bloody tastey mate , oh yes !


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    Damn my site and intro is a wash compared to yours, it is so much more fun.


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    in the mean while...

    Hey guys and gals!

    In between your squabbles (sorry if I seem to be insensitive here!!) do you mind taking a look at this - ESSENCE . It's a Flash movie made for a software development firm (You will find the link on the HOME page). Since not too many people commented on it when I put it up as an independent post, I thought about giving it a try here... This place seems to be sizzling!!



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    I'll admit that i never finished my site. needs polishing.

    but that's for one good reason.

    I've been working, no time for pet projects.

    See i can take criticism, but I don't know why I would from someone who thinks


    that is even bordering on original or good. But maybe I'll put a few more hours into it this weekend. Maybe I'll add some cheesy local tv commercial music to jazz it up a bit!

    But, if you've ever seen a site even somewhat similar to this idea that i've started, please post it cause i'd love to see it.

    No. That's what i thought.

    Oh and by the way you're also a hypocrit. You've constantly poked jabs at people from the beginning of this post, then whined when they jabbed back, claiming innocence.

    "JayCharles must certainly be a liberal. For instead of engaging in the conversation at hand you continually resort to silly tactics to avoid the point of the disussion....

    Give me a break. This is a place of discussion, not a place to take cheap shots."

    Notice the use of the loaded "liberal" as an attempted cheap shot - you're probably a Rush Limbaugh fan - then the "[this is not] a place to take cheapshots" at the end of the email.

    ****ing Clown.
    Last edited by gladzooks; 01-24-2003 at 03:46 PM.

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