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Thread: A little Help with movie Clips

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    A little Help with movie Clips

    Ok i am makeing a movie where i am going to have a few different movie clips they are called "MovStu" and "MovAdam"(there will b more) movestu fades in and then out and it is a movieclip after that is done i want another movie clip to start playing called movadam. Now there are a few problems. i can get them to both play at the same time but not alone. i tried putting movadam into scene 2 frame 1 and put an action at the end of movstu to tell it to go to scene 2 fram 1 when it was done but that also did not work. and if i make my layer 1 on scene 1 larger then 1 keyframe movstu just keeps starting over befor playing. the file was to large to attach so here is the direct link to the file


    i know i could do this in one long ass keyframe in scene 1. but i ther a way to just use movie clips? i would like it to just stay on frame 1 till one clip is done then move to frame 2.
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    Yeah, you can do it pretty simple. Create frames in frame 2 of the main timeline for all the layers. Make frame 2 of the Stu layer a keyframe. Replace the MovStu movie clip in frame 2 with a MovAdam instance. Remember to put a stop(); action in frame 2 so the whole movie doesn't loop back to frame 1.
    In the MovStu movie clip, put an action in frame 60 of the MovStu clip:

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