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Thread: Reading Registry?

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    Reading Registry?

    I'm evaluating SWF Studio and Flash Studio. Does anybody know if it's possible to read ANY registry key you want not just items your own projector has written to the registry? If so, how is it done?

    A couple of other things:
    - My quit buttons no longer work after running my swfs through these products. Should I use something other than fscommand("quit")?
    - My swfs run at full screen using fscommand("fullscreen", "true") and fscommand("allowscale", "false"). Should I remove these commands from my flas and use the studio interface to set this up instead?


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    Hi there,

    In the case of Flash Studio PRO (and I'm sure SWF Studio too) the Standard Macromedia FSCommands will no longer work, so yes use the interface instead!

    The code with Flash Studio PRO to Quit is:
    fscommand("flashstudio.exit", "\"ask\",\"Are you sure you want to Exit?\"");
    This will prompt the user before exiting, or simply use:
    to exit without a Prompt (ala macromedia)

    Now, It's not possible with Flash Studio PRO to read non-user defined Registry entries at the moment, but we have another big update due at the end of this week which will include this feature (amongst many more features too! )

    I hope this helps
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    SWF Studio V1 supports some of the standard Flash fscommands like Quit, Exec and V2 adds support for allowscale, fullscreen and showmenu. If the regular Quit command isn't working for you, send me your FLA and I'll have a look.

    You can use the SWF Studio registry plugin to read/write any string or numeric value anywhere in the registry. All values are returned as strings. Here's a link to the registry plugin documentation (new doc coming Monday).


    The other plugins are:


    And you can download the latest versions of each plugin from http://www.northcode.com/products/do...dio/index.html

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    As promised, version 1.8 of Flash Studio PRO is now available and includes new registry commands so you can read values as Strings, Boolean or Integers.

    flashstudio.loadfromreg_str, flashstudio.loadfromreg_bool and flashstudio.loadfromreg_int respectively.

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