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Thread: Internet Explorer for Mac, flash disappears after scrolling?

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    Internet Explorer for Mac, flash disappears after scrolling?

    Example: http://www.thunder1045.com/2003

    It's intermittent too, it doesn't always happen. The nav bar is flash. And sometimes disappears if you scroll down the page. There is also a flash button in the top nav "Thunderworkforce" that is fine.

    I have noticed Flash elements disappearing on a PC's before (this example only happens in Internet Explorer for mac). It doesn't happen on Netscape for Mac.

    Any suggestions?


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    Theres a bug in IE 5.0 for mac that makes movies dissapear. Its mostly if you have two swf's going on the same page.
    In one post a user said its the div tag of the table, that makes this ( im not shure). And changing it to LEFT ( if my memory serves me ) could make a difference.

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    Thanks, I've been wondering about that, I never knew. I'll take a look at my tags.. I don't think I used any div tags. I do have two movies and it did start when I added the second one. In fact, the long dreamweaver tag for inserting flash messes up in Netscape. If I put the block of code in one line and make sure it's top alined both the movie and the table cell, it then works fine in Netscape.


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