Hi All. I'm experiencing an odd problem with my new FlashMX produced site. It seems as though if a person has the Flash Player 6,0,47 installed, the page loads up the first scene, and then stops (the first scene is a preloading scene, and supposed to automatically jump to the next scene upon completion).

The odd thing is, it works fine in Flash Player 6,0,65!

My original Flash detection scripting was not set up to tell the difference between different versions of FP6. If you had 6,47 or 6,65, it didn't matter. I worked around it by adding a version checker in my flash movie, found here:


This seems to work. But I'm a little scared. I'd much rather my site simply work in 6,0,47. Are there any known issues I should know about and address to make this happen?

Any help at all would be appreciated!