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Thread: Security question about exe's made with Flash Studio Pro and SWF Studio

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    Security question about exe's made with Flash Studio Pro and SWF Studio

    How secure are projectors made with Flash Studio Pro and SWF Studio? Specificaly, how difficult would it be for somebody to crack them and get access to my swfs? The reason I ask this is that I want to build a projector that will only run on machines with a certain reg key. If someone can pull a swf out of the projector, they would be able to use AS Viewer to find the key.

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    A determined hacker will be able to extract the SWF from either Projector using one method or another, although the EXE2SWF app from Northcode does NOT work on Flash Studio PRO Projectors.

    With Flash Studio PRO you can use the blowfish encryption commands to encrypt your variables and sensitive data. If you combine this with the MySQL database connevtivity, you could store encrypted keys in a MySQL database, so even if a hacker manged to decompile the SWF, they still wouldn't know what the key/password was.

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    My exe2swf utility was designed to work on Flash executables only. It's quite simple to manually extract SWF files from any third party projector tool because the single point of failure is that the SWF has to be extracted to the HD to be loaded into the OCX.

    Passwords and encryption mean nothing on the client side where hackers have COMPLETE access to the code and unlimited time to study it. All a decent hacker has to do is go in and change an if test to a jmp around it and the security test never happens. If it's on the client side, it's not safe.

    You can make it difficult for hackers and that's all. As a bonus, the more difficult you make it, the more challenging it becomes and they crack it even faster.

    It's a sad state of affairs, but the best you can hope is to keep the honest people honest. Anyone who wants your SWFs that badly will get them.

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