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Thread: Flash Remoting Speed issue

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    Flash Remoting Speed issue

    Has anyone had to deal with terribly slow processing results with Flash Remoting and .NET?

    Are there any settings or setups with .NET that I should know about that can effect speed?

    Calling .NET web services through Flash Remoting is taking 10 times longer than calling the .NET services directly through HTTP.

    I noticed when I call through flash to the gateway connection obj to return its config information that m_Debug returns true.

    Is there a way to turn debugging off at the Flash Remoting gateway, or is m_Debug just reflecting that I've loaded the netDebugger actionscript? I figured that may be one thing that is slowing it down.

    Thanks for any help. Flash Remoting has been new and painfull for me so far.

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    check out my reply to your other thread, here:


    The speed really shouldn't be a problem. XML serialization and deserialization does add a performance hit, but FRMX should be no different that say a WindowsForms or ASP.NET application consuming a WebService. FRMX is actually just a C# DLL anyway Sounds like something else is wrong with your app, but offhand, I'm not sure what, sorry!

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