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Thread: My latest site. Please review!

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    My latest site. Please review!

    Hi all. My latest site is up, and I was hoping you all could take a look, and give any feedback you could. Thanks!!


    Also, if you have any familiarities between the differences of version 47 and version 65 of the Flash 6 Player, please help me out by looking at this post:


    Thanks again!


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    looks good.. i had to install the plugin and restart though... why are you designing in such a restricted medium?

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    very nice. good design, quick, easy to use navigation. looks like you've got it together.

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    It prompts me for the Flash Player 6 plug in which I already have. If I click cancel to load it, it gives me the "noFlash" site. Not sure why this happening for your site. Since I already have the plug-in, it should take me straight on into the site. You might want to check that out.

    The site (for as much as I saw) looks like a very sharp looking site. Also, it took me a minute or so to figure out how to launch the site. Maybe you should put an enter button on the first page. Everyone does not intuitively know to click on your logo or name.
    Does your site make a lasting Dot Com Impression?

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    Yah, if you look at the other post I made (referenced above) I have a problem between versions of Flash Player 6,0,47 and Flash Player 6,0,65. It works for 65, but not 47. That's probably why it's asking you to download the new version. If any of could let me know how I can fix this, that would make my life fantastically easier.

    And, if you look closely to the opening page, there is in fact an enter button on it. It's located below the box, and aligned vertically. Yah, I know it's a bit hidden, but I figure people will be able to discover one of the 2 ways to enter the site with ease.

    And in regard to Flash being a restrictive medium? I use it for exactly the opposite reason. I find Flash much more conducive to good graphic design skills, as well adding the ability for more interactivity/animation. If you mean restrictive in terms of making the user download a new plugin, I concede, it is a bit annoying. But, in regards to my audience for the site, people we want looking at it are people who might hire us for work, people we usually personally direct to the site. The site is in effect a sales pitch showcasing what we can do. And with any sales pitch, its all about the presentation. And we felt Flash allowed us the easiest possible path to reaching the sort of presentation we felt appropriate.

    And I'm not undermining HTML only sites at all, or javascript. I have alot of respect for good HTML use. And there's probably just as many good uses of HTML out there, as there are Flash. But in our case, and our scenario, we felt Flash was the best choice. And it's a relatively painless upgrade to Flash6, isn't it? :P

    Thanks for the comments all! Keep'm coming!!


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