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Thread: This things just can't become true

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    This things just can't become true

    After unsuccessfully predicting any of the events that occured in 2002, novice psychic Ijar Mumar is back with a new published list of predictions for the year 2003. Here they are:

    1. Cloneaid's claims of successfully cloning a human are proved to be true. They give credit to the Raelians who insist the procedure was a gift from aliens in exchange for stuggle-free probing.

    2. Roberto Benigni voted the happiest son-of-a-***** in show business.

    3. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet is shot by Marshall Mathers (Eminem) at the MTV Video Music Awards. Triumph poops again two months later.

    4. Survivor continues to suck.

    5. "I knew it was coming" fever hits when Pope John Paul II dies.

    6. Israelis and Palestinians get tired of killing adults and teenagers, so they start killing babies.

    7. U.S. troops go ape-**** on Iraq.

    8. The New TNN surpasses FOX as the redneck channel of the U.S.

    9. Boris Yeltsin survives two heart attacks in as many weeks. He credits a quick recovery to a steady diet of vodka and baby seal blubber.

    10. Prince Michael III is born. Michael Jackson initially denies any relation to the baby, pointing out their differing facial characteristics.

    So now you know what defenitly not happens this year.

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    That's great... for me to poop on!

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