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Thread: preloader stops my code

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    preloader stops my main movie

    Hi guys... hope you can help me!

    My movie is an interface, where I load and display alternatively different swfs, each one corresponding to a different section of the site.

    I have a slider, which is my navigation bar, that constantly moves.

    Everything worked perfectly, but then I have added a new scene (the preloader) and the problems started....

    The preloader works.... but when my main movie (the scene 2) loads, the external swf (the section) shows up for just a second and then disappears leaving just my interface empty and the slider doesn't move at all!

    Bear in mind that without the preloader my main movie works perfectly...

    I add the actionscript of my main movie:

    var loaded;
    if (loaded != true) {
    loaded = true;
    loadMovie ("display_first.swf", "_root.content");
    _root.slider._x = _root.slider._x+1;
    // when mouse moves left, navigation panel moves right
    if ((_xmouse>180) && (_xmouse<250) && (_ymouse>370) && (_ymouse<460)) {
    _root.slider._x = _root.slider._x+12;
    // when mouse moves right, navigation panel moves left
    if ((_xmouse>410) && (_xmouse<480) && (_ymouse>370) && (_ymouse<460)) {
    _root.slider._x = _root.slider._x-12;
    // when navigation panel reaches it's maximum x-value it resets itself
    if (_root.slider._x>678) {
    _root.slider._x = 87;
    if (_root.slider._x<-129) {
    _root.slider._x = 460;

    This is the actionscrip of the preloader's 1st frame:

    ifFrameLoaded ("main", 2) {
    gotoAndPlay ("main", 1);

    Then at the last preloader's frame I create a loop in case it is nt loaded....

    Can you help?!


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