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    Full Screen


    I have been able to activate full screen for .exe and .swf files by using:

    fscommand ("fullscreen", "true");

    However, it only goes to full screen when I access the file when stored on the computer. If I upload the .swf file with the fscommand and then try to access the file http://www.domain.com/file.swf the movie isn't seen in fullscreen, but within a browser with the toolbar (Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, etc..).

    How do I change this so I can access the .swf on the net and have it expand to the full screen?

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    From my understanding this one works only for .exe file
    For .swf file, it will resize to a browser size.
    Hej, I could be wrong.

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    It works if I access .swf on the computer. If you click an .exe file from the net it will launch a download. That's not what I am looking for.

    I want to make it so it expands full screen from the net. So, .exe won't work. I think there is a script which will do what I am looking for.

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    You have to open up a fullscreen new popup window and that's really only possible on IE.

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