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Thread: Is there a Flash virus???????

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    I am working on a scene that is going to display images. I have a lot of lables that i use to direct the playhead to different parts within the same scene.

    The problem is that the playhead is not going to the labled section in the code. The funny thing is that when i first started this section (A day ago) it worked fine..

    all my code is correct, i have went over it 1000 times

    Is there a flash virus or has anyone experienced this before?


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    Nope! No Flash virus!!!

    But most of us have had the same porblem and
    the ones that haven't just won't own up to it. Especially
    after looking for the problem for days.

    Since you said you had it working correctly a day ago.
    You made a change that you haven't found yet and it is
    causing problems. I handle this by having at least three
    backups from the previous days. It helps when "I" messed up.

    If you can't find the problem and would like someone to
    look at the fla. Just post it and I or someone else will take a look.

    Good Luck

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