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Thread: help file size problem!

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    help file size problem!

    for my project in flash, i am making a website. it can't exceed 150k, and i'm already at 272k. how can a break this up? do i throw things in different scenes? i'm still a newbie! thanks

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    To keep file sizes down I tend to use actionscript instead of tweening to create movement.

    It shouldn't have to be this way, but the problem is, that flash encodes the position and orientation of each of each item in a frame at every tweened frame. For long tweens (like you might do for moving an object slowly) this is huge file size overhead!. Macromedia could have used interpolation in the player at run time, which is what the Flash Authoring program does to obtain this data in the first place. This would have traded-off file size for a small processing overhead during playback. I think this would have made more sense on the band-limited internet. But, things don't work that way, and we have to work around it.

    Actionscript it!
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