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Thread: what do you think of these characters?

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    Blat!! Land
    way to go n all... makes a big diff when u look at them animated...
    nice expressions.
    plzzz show the completed one would love to seee it when its over...
    Where is the world??

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    That is really bizzare. i really enjoyed that. The colors are nice.
    I rolled my mouse over them and i felt like i was petting them. If your reading this do you have any animations with these guys to show off?

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    I would have to say that the ones that your making look like a thing my li sis who is five would like, i like the character that tongue of colicab made, it appeals to me more and I'm 18 so I'm in the loop...er...group
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    here is the latest round:


    (Click on the blue triangle in the bottom right corner to see all 6 pages of animation.)

    Comments on the animations are welcome... but it is too late to change the character. Sorry, people!

    . . . . .

    On another note, I have a bizarre problem that I've never encountered before in Flash:

    my Flash movie (953k) is actually *smaller* than the Shockwave file (1030k)when I publish!

    I have been trying really hard to keep the objects in my library to a minimum and to reuse graphics and animations in the different animations to keep file size down, but it's apparently totally backfired. I even went through and figured out the size of each individual animation, added these together, and found that the Shockwave file is way bigger (at least 500k) than the sum of all the individual animations...

    Anyone ever had this problem before??

    thanks in advance!


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