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Thread: Question about Live Preview in MX Component

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    Question about Live Preview in MX Component

    Does anyone know if it's possible to load other movies in a live preview for a component so that at design time, you could set a property to something and it would do an attachMovie or something like that?

    I'm just curious if I'm going down an impossible road or of it's attainable...thanx a lot

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    hey, I was wondering if anyone found the answer to this yet? this would help me out a lot.

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    The live preview is only to see how the component looks like. You can probably import any swf, since it only asks you to import an swf. I don't understand the sense though to do such a thing.
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    well, i have my reasons for it

    anyway, i am trying to do it but it doesnt seem to be working out. I have a mc with a placeholder jpg inside it, then try to load a new jpg inside live preview:

    //function to change settings
    function onUpdate(){
    	modTitle = _root.xch.modTitle;
    	ccText = _root.xch.ccText;
    	screenshot = _root.xch.screenshot;
    	loadMovie (screenshot, "screenshot_mc");
    i also tried using screenshot_mc.loadMovie () but that didnt work either....so im guessing this sint gonna work. waaa, please help me.

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