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Thread: Quality graphics Change after frame 1 HELP!!!

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    Quality graphics Change after frame 1 HELP!!!

    Well folks I've got a real problem and hopefully there' s a flashfreak out there how can help me out!
    This is my problem:

    When i import (png) , convert it to a graphic and scale it (all of this in frame 1), and i preview or export the movie(100% quality),
    the picture will be of a high quality without any problems.
    However if I move the same picture from frame1 to any other frame, and I preview or export the movie, the picture changes to a very low quality.:confused:
    Any suggestion?


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    Do you scale the picture later on? (Can you post the fla, or at least THE part of it?)
    Very often pictures don't look good if you scale them to non-integer measures.
    F. i. w=34.9, and h= 17.4
    Pictures may also look bad if they're placed on x or y values like mentioned over.
    Is your picture progressive? (Hm, is there any progressiveness in png-images - don't remember at the moment.)

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