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Thread: exporting Flash to AVI (or MOV) for broadcast - HELP!

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    exporting Flash to AVI (or MOV) for broadcast - HELP!

    I have a Flash animation that contains filmclips, each of which has its own timeline. The movie plays fine when exported as a SWF but I am running into problems when I try to export it, either as a MOV or AVI. Ultimately the animation will be edited in Aftereffects for TV broadcast.

    When I export as MOV (Quicktime format), the MOV file that is created is very small - just 13 k. The video editor could not work with this file in AfterEffects, because it's not a true bitmapped file - the file is so small because it still retains some Flash vector formatting...

    When I export as AVI, the file created is large - 23 megabytes, but the animation doesn't play.

    I feel like this must be a common problem with Flash but yet I haven't been able to find the solution anywhere yet!

    Someone please help! Thanks.


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    When you export an avi or mov from Flash, it will contain only the elements of the swf that are on the main timeline.


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    Check out FlashAnts, they have a plugin for Premier(?) that maintains movie clips when converting to .avi.


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