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Thread: button in a mc doesn't go to other scene

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    Hi ;-)

    i try it once again as no one could help me before!?

    i have a button in a movie clip. this one points to a scene!
    but when i put the mc in one scene the button is activ but not leading to the other scene - instead it's just starting the mc again!????????????????????????????????????

    i understand that it just stays in its own timeline, but why????? and how can i fix this????? i used a "on press -> goto scene x, and play frame 1"-action.

    please i need your help! cu zero

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    hmmm u to faced this prob , I have found and answered many of similar type of questions ...
    so hers ur answer ....
    (for flash 5)

    tellTarget(_root) ;
    goto("scene2","1") ;

    got it ...
    the logic is first u track the main timeline and then from there go the scene 2 ...


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    THANX ;-)

    thanx libran ;-)

    that was great - but please why "hmmm, u to faced this prob" ??? was this a question? ;-)

    cu zero

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    it still doesn't work - i thought your answer must be the right thing, but it wasn't, hmmm? any other solution?

    zero *a bit sad*

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    now it "$"&"&$//

    now it just leads to the beginning of my movie (yeah the root but not the new scene???) i really don't understand this!!!!????


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    yeha it was a question posted here before similar to this one ...

    Do one thing ...
    Mail me the fla file if u can at libran@libran.8m.com


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    i sent u the fla - ;-)it's the first dj button (chainsaw!)

    any additional help is appreciated ;-))))))))))))
    (nothing about your great work libran) but i'm in a hurry!

    [Edited by aurin on 10-22-2000 at 05:45 AM]

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    i have not yet received ur mail ???
    try mailing again to sanddy19@yahoo.com this time ???


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